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Traffic Reports 18th, 19th & 20th July

Dear All,
Here are the traffic reports from the following days:

Friday 18th July

09:25 Doug, Graham, James

10:25 Mite, Phil, Howard

11:25 Hercules, PVZ, Louise

12:10 Doug, Graham, James

12:50 Mite, Phil, Andy

13:50 Hercules, PVZ, Howard

14:50 Doug, Graham, Louise

15:50 Mite, Phil, Andy

16:30 Hercules, PVZ, James

17:50Doug, Steve, Andy

Saturday 20th July

09:25 Doug, Andrea, Jordan & Daniel D*

10:25 Irt, Trevor, Mike W

10:45 Mite, Phil, Andy

11:25 Hercules, David, Howard & Morgan*

12:10 Doug, Andrea, Daniel H & Daniel D*

12:50 Irt, Trevor, Mike W

13:30 Mite, Phil, Andy

14:30 Hercules, David, Howard & Morgan*

14:50 Doug, Andrea, James & Daniel D*

15:30 Irt, PVZ, Mike W

16:10 Mite, Phil, Andy

16:50 Hercules, David, Howard & Morgan*

17:50 Doug, Cookie, James

18:30 Mite, PVZ & Morgan, Daniel H (R&ERPS AGM Special)

* Trainee Guard/Train Crew

Sunday 20th July

09:25 Doug, Jackie, Will T

10:25 Mite, Phil, Andy

10:45 Hercules, David, James

11:25 Irt, Keith, Iain A

12:10 Doug, Ian B, Will T

12:50 Mite, Phil, Andy

13:30 Hercules, David, James

14:30 Irt, Keith, Iain A

14:50 Doug, Ian B, Will T

15:30 Mite, Phil, Andy

16:10 Hercules, David, James

16:50 Irt, Keith, Iain A

17:50 Doug, Andrea, Will T

All the best



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