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River Irt overhaul

River Irt is currently under repair at Numech in Workinton. In January, the boiler was sent away for a re-tube and rivet/stay repairs, returning to Ravenglass on 5th July. The chassis, not requiring any attention, was stored in the engine shed, meaning the chassis, boiler and tender were not involved in the fire. However, the boiler fittings were stored in the workshop meaning the boiler cladding, dome cover, safety valves, smokebox door and chimney, along with the smaller fittings and pipework, were all very badly damaged. The cab, being downstairs and near the door, has survived with only paintwork damage. At Numech, new cladding is being made and work has started on the re-plumbing of the boiler fittings. Where possible the old boiler fittings will be re-used once repaired, but inevitably some new components will be required. Destroyed components are no older than 1970s vintage. At the time of writing, River Irt is expected back in service in the autumn.


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