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Locomotives update

River Mite

River Mite failed in service last Saturday, 21 June, with a regulator stuck open going up Mill Wood on the 11.25. She was pushed into Miteside loop by Douglas Ferreira and Lady Wakefield. Her train was taken on by Doug while Lady Wakefield towed Mite back to Ravenglass.

Once she had cooled down after the weekend, the regulator was fixed. Problems also arose with the piston, and new piston rings were needed.

Rive Mite returned to service today - picture taken from Chris Glover's entry on facebook.

Prior to the failure, Mite had completed an amazing 98 days of unbroken service.

River Irt

River Irt experienced problems with air pumps over the half term holiday, but is now operating fine in service. Seen here descending Beckfoot Bank, courtesy Chris Glover.

140701 Irt reduced

Northern Rock

Northern Rock's chassis and boiler have been reunited. A coat of paint is awaited prior to reassembly of the other parts.

140621 Rock

River Esk

No progress; discussions are ongoing about where and how the locomotive is reassembled following the workshop fire last year.


Hercules, Douglas Ferreira and Lady Wakefield also continue to operate the service.


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