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  • Built: 1929 originally
  • Builder: Muir Hill; modified at Ravenglass
  • Wheels: 0-4-4
  • Length: 16′ 7″
  • Width: 2′ 6″


Perkins has had a long career. Its frames date from 1929 and are from one of the Muir-Hill tractors which were ordered to handle the stone trains.

The tractor was later given a stabiising bogie and a mock steam-outline body to make it more suitable for passenger services as well as quarry trains. It gained the nickname 'Pretender' in this form.

In 1975 the original TVO Fordson tractor engine was replaced by a Perkins P6 diesel.

In 1984 it was rebuilt again, this time with a new body and cab in the form of an industrial diesel, and was officially named Perkins in 1985.

In 1989 is returned to the workshows and was re-engined with a more powerful Perkins engine and twin-disc transmission.

The locomotive is generally used on permanent way and winter trains.


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    From Magazine 210, September 2013 On 28th March 2013, a fire ripped through the engineering workshop in Ravenglass, destroying the building. Tools and locomotive parts were in the building at


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