The Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway Preservation Society

Book sale

Update from RERPS Book Auction:

Seven members placed bids for the book auction, and a total of £363.70 was raised, which is great news. This money will be put towards the costs of River Mite’s overhaul. 

The remaining books are listed and are now available for all to buy. Please contact Di Chase to discuss postage costs for multiple books. 

View the book list

  N.B. All the books are on the Railway’s property, so unfortunately they are inaccessible until the Railway re-opens, but please reserve any books that you would like to own by e-mailing [email protected].  Please do not send any money yet!


A friend of the railway has very kindly donated over eighty books to the Society. There are some real treats, including ‘La Locomotive à Vapeur’ by A. Chapelon (a copy is currently on Amazon at over £200) and ‘The Red Devil and other tales from the age of steam’ (by D. Wardale). Initially these will be offered for sale by auction to Society members, then for sale to the general public. All the books are in very good condition; some are ‘as new’. 

All proceeds will be for the Steam Locomotive Maintenance Fund, as a contribution to the major overhaul of River Mite.